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FIC EXPERTS has vowed to serve the automotive dealerships, not by chance, but after obtaining multiple decades of experience being a part of the very same industry. Everyone makes mistakes. However, a wise man learns from his mistakes (as well as others’ mistakes), and avoids making the same mistakes again.

My story started when I had first joined a dealership as a salesperson.  My passion and integrity for the job, as well as my enthusiasm, propelled me to become an owner in just seven years. But, it was my lack of experience, insufficient knowledge of legal matters (compliance protocols), and my carefree attitude, which produced a perfect storm for failure!

The mistake I made was that I continued to think as a sales person, instead of thinking like an business owner. Focusing too much on sales, I had completely ignored the importance of protecting my business on the legal side.

There were, and are many like me, who have blown up the lifetime opportunity to become a successful businessman. The non-transparent F&I practices, coupled together with unclear sales policies, untrained managers, missing compliance documents, absence of identity theft prevention program manuals, etc. again is a formula for failure.


After my dealership came to an end, I had joined Automotive Compliance Consultants investing a half-decade learning, understanding, and preaching compliance, compliance, compliance !

With my new knowledge, I then realized there was a better way to reach out to the automotive dealership owners and protect them from the pitfalls of having non-compliant dealerships. Hence, FIC EXPERTS was born!

At FIC EXPERTS , I like to proceed the old-fashioned way – one-on-one, hands-on. Understanding the dealer’s ways of operation, pinpointing the weakest links, and then weeding them out completely from the system, is necessary for the business’ success. We provide custom-tailored methods and robust F&I solutions utilizing our custom proven program of Identifying Necessary Compliance Proceesses Enables Corrective Training(INCPECT).

How can software ever have the empathy to understand a dealer’s true emotional state, as well as, your business’ legal, and financial hardships, and come up with a solution that hits all these points?!

If you are in a similar situation and your dealership suffers from some of the problems stated above, you are putting your business in serious danger.

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FIC EXPERTS is a New York-based company. We provide automotive dealerships with services and strategies for consulting, guidance, and training. Our services include ongoing audits, identity theft prevention programs, and preparing regulatory procedural manuals (Fair Lending Policy, Red Flags, and ISP).

Unlike our competitors, who only give you a rigid and inflexible solution, we provide a personal touch to our clients. Our service program fits every individual company’s requirements and needs, as well its budget constraints. We, therefore, provide you with custom-tailored solutions.


To give your company the knowledge to comply with your industry’s latest standards which will produce the highest levels of integrity. This mission includes instilling these same great values and knowledge to your employees/workplace, to assure the dealership’s affirmative defense against industry regulators.


To be the company that best understands and satisfies the dealer’s needs for compliance and avert them from costly mistakes, fine, and lawsuits

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